Do you know what emotionally unavailable means – often when referring to “a man”

Often times, “Men” are only emotionally unavailable when they cannot admit openly what they are emotionally imprisoned by.

They deny what they believe the world will hate, imprison and ridicule. They deny what they believe that their families will openly or secretly deny and what will challenge their lives and livelihood.

The hurt and shameful acts that removed the emotions and their ability to share with any true love openly, are the emotions that must find an exit from the body in order to be healthy and heal. Otherwise, they live a life that is a lie, full of lies, full of shame, full of regret, full of blackmail and full of underlying hurts that can rip a soul from the spirit and leave a walking shell. This can leave you in search for only physical satisfaction, which can ultimately leads to physical destruction.

Give yourself a chance to forgive yourself, love yourself, forgive what you did not understand for too long and smile because you have made it, at least here. You are strong. Now give yourself a chance to get to know yourself, get to accept yourself, get to the love you want to give and the love that you want to receive.

Know, that you deserve to be happy. Happy with the person you have come to terms with is “you”! A good person, a caring person and maybe a different person than others thought that they knew.  It will be okay and they will have to get over it, be alright and eventually move on to working on their own challenges, “sweeping around their own door, and hopefully,  live happily.

We are here to help you make it through this rough time.  We offer words of support, love and a heart to heart friendship.  Those who love you sincerely will always love you. You will never be alone, denied or mistreated by true friends and loved ones.


May you be blessed.
shared from a loving place