Let’s Pray for President Trump. Losing is hard for him. He admitted that. Pray positively for him, President Biden and Our Country.

Dear President Trump, remember that you have the power to persuade. Use that power to lead our young men to life and not to jail or death or destruction. Remember that you have had a great life and you have done your best. You can continue to have a great life. Remember politics will always be a part of life and that it is diplomacy and the right discussions that will help your country and not encouraging physical violence or anything to rape the life of one who has not lived. Many under 25 years old do not even realize they are still not fully capable of making certain decisions. We all must remember that we reap the benefits of great decisions and suffer the consequences of bad decisions. I love you President Trump. I love my fellow white ladies and white friends. We are not at the bottom or the top, but we are at those places if we show a heart that says we know what really matters in life. Our Sons and Daughters must know and understand that we must recognize that the heart is what matters and one’s actions are most important. We encourage all to think of your children, your nieces and nephews, your neighbors families and those whom you love before committing an act from which returning to a good life will be almost impossible. The outer complexion of a human or a political party or seat is not worth anyone’s life? I beg of you, anyone hurting or unsure of whether you want to make a decision that could be a wrong decision, I beg of you with love and compassion to Not make bad decisions and if you need to talk with someone else, I am here. Many others are here for you to get pass your sadness. “Let’s Live and Let Live”. Let’s prepare for another election. Let’s “Know Better and Do Better”. Let’s give the Best that we Got! Let’s correctly “Teach what we Know”. We all know that Good people come in all colors and bad people do too. Let’s thank THE GREAT SPIRIT for leading us and our Country to a place of compassion, truth, happiness and goodness for All. You can do this President Trump. We love you too.

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