Don’t even “Say those words”

walls not bridges

Give Your Life A CHANCE – Build that Bridge, then another, then another……….!!!

Let’s START Here!


  • I’m a looser
  • I suck
  • I hate……
  • I will kill you
  • I can’t live without you
  • I wish you were dead
  • I tell you what to do
  • I Envy you
  • I wish I were you
  • I want what you have


  • I am  A Winner
  • I am  Kind
  • I Love Myself, therefore, I know how to love others.. ……..
  • I would never kill anyone
  • I wish you success
  • I am asking you
  • I am proud of you
  • You are great

Repeat the positive – DAILY – make those words become a part of your core. Put the positive spell on yourself, instead of sending your heart, soul and life through and to Hell! Because, as you speak, you are “SPELLING” yes, placing some spells.

So, SPEAK THE POSITIVE! Put the positive ‘SPELLS” on yourself and others and Live a Happier Life. If you’ve been down for a while, it can take some time. You Can do it. Take the time, one step at a time!

Make it your business to change yourself  by the 

minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years…

Then, you can start to Look back on where you came from and “Smile” about where you are going! Focus and remember: when others hate, you will find peace within from the loving heart, mind and soul that have changed.  Yes, now you can begin to build bridges because you have “Renewed” your heart.  You can remember, as you meet folk who are determined to hurt you and or make you sad, (as my Pops said) you “consider the “source”.

And you just keep moving!  I will tell you more about the “source” later.


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